Newsletter – 5/2/21


Welcome to the
Volkswagen Spectacular !

We are so happy to update you this month on all things
VW Spectacular – and to let you know the time to book is NOW!!!

Our booking form is ready!
Click the link below to secure your
place, accommodation, events and more!


Time is of the essence
as we need to confirm bookings by
5th March 2021.
All deposits must be received before this date to secure your booking.

Camping / Caravan

Unfortunately if your site is not confirmed by
5th March 2021
your site may be forfeited
and given to someone on waiting list.
**Please notify us ASAP if you do not won’t to attend**
(don’t ignore this email please)

Booking Form
Please click the link and fill out the form
to secure you place in this year’s show!

The Booking Form is large but please,
have patience, it will enable us to be more organised in the office!!
Some prices have changed so please check your balance!

If you need to know what accomodation
you have booked or need help
please contact Donna – 0427 695 203



Due to Government instructions, all attendees must have
The Service NSW
app on their phone to enable check in.
We will be abiding by COVID rules at the VW Spectacular
(**what ever that will be in July!)

We will see you soon!
bye for Now

Donna, Luke & Family

Newsletter – 19/01/21


Welcome to the

Volkswagen Spectacular !


Welcome to 2021!
We think the year is flying already – we are just about through our first month! 
With so much happening – we wanted to bring to your attention that YES – 
the Volkswagen Spectacular
IS coming together for 25 July – 2 Aug 2021! 
Booking Form
We are just ironing out a few crinkles and will have this available SOON! 
Look out for it in your inbox in the coming weeks! 
Bookings, Itineraries & Accommodation 
We will get our paper registration forms out in January 2021 and will send a copy of everyone’s past bookings to them 
and they can make changes if need be. 
We will have a New and Updated Itinerary available shortly!
2021 T-shirts 
We have a talented designer creating T-Shirt magic as we speak! 
Looking forward to sharing in this 
amazing event with you guys this year! 
 We will see you soon bye for Now 
Donna, Luke & Family

Newletter – 28/8/20

Many Thanks and Looking Forward

We would like to say Thank you!

Thanks everyone who supported us with our

Virtual Volkswagen Spectacular Show 2020.

Huge THANKS to our sponsors for putting together videos and work they did to help make our show amazing. 

We really hoped you enjoyed it! 

Some of you are not on Facebook – SO we have decided to share the show our new YouTube channel.  We are in the process of putting the videos up as we speak and will let you know when this is ready! 

If you haven’t yet get kitted up for next year – 

 find an outfit from our VW Spectacular merchandise shop! 


Now to get on track for 2021!!
Calling Sponsors
We are looking for some more sponsorship to help bring our 2021 Show to life!! 
If you think you would like to be part of this fantastic Volkswagen Show contact us today to discuss our sponsorship options.  We reckon 2021 will be bigger than ever – so its a great time to be a part of the show!!! 
In the mean time….!
We will be busy organising new artwork for our T-shirts, trophies  etc, finishing off our user friendly booking forms ready for you to make your bookings soon! 
Facebook Weekly Challenges!
 If you are on Facebook and still want to share in the love for the Bug – we are holding weekly challenges each Tuesday night from 7.30pm!  
Tune in to Facebook and share your vehicle each week! 
Until Next Month! 
Stay Safe – Stay Well! 
Donna, Luke and Family 




Newsletter – 9/7/20

Have you heard about the Volkswagen Spectacular 2020 VIRTUAL SHOW?

Due to COVID – we have had to postpone our beloved Volkswagen Spectacular Show for this year – and we are busy organising our 2021 Event for next year.

But – not to be outdone – we are bringing this year’s event to the Internet – well to Facebook really.

We will be holding our Volkswagen Spectacular 2020 Virtual Show on Facebook on the dates for this year. Starting at 7.00pm on Sunday 26th July 2020 – we invite you to tune into to Facebook from the comfort of your armchairs – and enjoy this year’s show online!

We have invited many of YOU – our participants to share in their love for all things VDub by sending in videos and photos of your experiences over the year. We also have a huge collection of images that we will be sharing with you over the course of the 8 days.

Our show will start at 7.00pm EVERY NIGHT from Sunday 26 July – Monday 2nd Aug 2020. If you haven’t like our page – DO SO NOW and share this post with as many of your friends as possible – so we can all sit back and enjoy the show!

Keep watching for more details.

Thanks Donna, Luke and Family.

Newsletter – 24/6/20

Welcome to the

Volkswagen Spectacular !

Welcome to our Second Newsletter June 2020
As many of you may already know – we have had to postpone this year’s Volkswagen 2020 to next year. In the 23 shows that we have had, we have never had to undergo a change such as this!  
Postponed to Next Year 
Please make note that this year’s event will now be held from
25 July 2021 to 2nd August 2021.  
Lock this in your diaries Now!!!!  
That’s right – Tune in this year for the
Volkswagen VIRTUAL Spectacular.  
VW Spectacular Virtual Facebook Show 
We will be coming to you straight from Facebook during the dates the event
would have been on this year. 
We’ll have live videos, curated videos from our sponsors and participants and we will be taking a good old look down memory lane as we celebrate our event and the Volkswagens we all love!!!!
Keep an eye out for more information about our
Volkswagen Virtual Facebook Spectacular 2020 to be held from
7.00pm every night from 25th July 2020 – 2nd August 2020.  
We can’t wait to share this awesome ONLINE event with you.
Volkswagen VIRTUAL Spectacular.
We couldn’t do it in person – so we are doing it online.
Our Merchandise Shop
 We know you want to look the goods – and nothing says
I LOVE VW Spectacular like a vintage Hoodie or T-shirt from events gone by!!!
VW Spectacular Hoodie 
Get the look while attending our Virtual Event and head to our
Merchandise Shop and snag yourself a piece of nostalgia!  

                                     SHOP NOW

Booking Form
We had a few issues with our last form – but have been working hard to bring you a new and improved, easy to use and friendly Booking Form for our 2021 Event. 
We are just waiting on final prices for 2021 from some of our providers and we will have our new form online ready for you to grab your spot for next year! 
Its ALL happening over here at VW Spectacular – and we look forward to sharing in the love for the bug!
  If you haven’t liked our Facebook Page – find us on the link below..
Now you’re ready to attend our
FREE Volkswagen VIRTUAL Spectacular 2020 – ONLINE.
We couldn’t do it in Person – so We’re Taking it to the Internet!
Many thanks Donna & Luke & Family
VW Spectacular Sponsor List 

Newsletter 1 – 19/5/20

VW Spectacular

Welcome to the

Volkswagen Spectacular !

 Welcome to our first Newsletter 2020  

You recently signed up to find out all about the

Volkswagen Spectacular Bi-Annual Events

and everything in between!

Here’s a quick update so far for our next event!

Postponed to Next Year

As you may already be aware we have postponed the

Volkswagen Spectacular 2020 to 25th July-2nd Aug 2021. 


We have secured the accommodation that we had booked for 2020, so if you need accommodation at caravan parks, homes, or motels in Macksville or Nambucca, please get in early to re-book for 2021.

If you have rolled over to 2021 your accommodation is re-booked. If you have cancelled and a refund has been given, please do not assume that the same accommodation will be available in 2021.  

(*prices are subject to change)

We will have more updates as they come through.

Stay tuned as we turn up in your inbox keeping you informed with everything that is going on NOW and into the future.  

We so look forward to sharing in everything VDUB!

Many thanks Donna & Luke & Family

2020 Postponement

Firstly, what a horrible time we are all going through with the unknown of the coronavirus!! We have gone through Drought, Bush Fires, Floods now this!! Stay Inside and Stay Safe!

Volkswagen Spectacular
IS Postponed until
25th July-2nd Aug, 2021

With the event restrictions in-place and the fact our economy has been hit so severely; we’ve had no choice but to make this very hard decision.

I would like to thank all our sponsors of all degrees who have stood by us with our decision to postpone the 2020 event and roll over their support for 2021.

We will be sharing their web sites so you can still contact them for online shopping deals! Please show them your support.

We are going up in the world with Digital Media to better inform you about the Volkswagen Spectacular. WE need your help so we can stay in touch with you (that is if you would like to)

To do this please click the link below and fill in your details. You can unsubscribe to these emails at anytime.

Once again thanks for your support and we hope you’ll join us in 2021 for an even bigger Volkswagen Spectacular! Until then Stay Safe.


Donna, Luke & family


2019 Finalist – NSW Regional Tourism Awards – North Coast Region

The Volkswagen Spectacular is proud to announce we have made it to the FINALS of the 2019 NSW Regional Tourism Awards – Celebrating Tourism Excellence!

The Regional Tourism Awards provide tourism organisations and individuals the opportunity to gain an insight into their industry, their business, achieve recognition for their success and promote tourism within their region.

This program rewards businesses that demonstrate significant achievement throughout the year, showcasing a variety of tourism products and businesses delivering outstanding service to guests in NSW. Regional Tourism Awards winners will progress to the NSW Tourism Awards where they may then progress to the Qantas Australian Tourism Awards.

In 2019, the Volkswagen Spectacular event was nominated and we have made it to the finals for the North Coast Region!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our local community, our volunteers, our sponsors, our competitors & visitors, our family and our friends that have made the Volkswagen Spectacular success since 1984.  Wish us luck for August 1st when the winner is announced!

2018 Country Buggy Challenge 50th Year Anniversary

2018 Country Buggy Challenge 50th Year Anniversary. We had 36 Country Buggies attend the event. How great is that! Thanks Andrew Dodd, Graham Cockram, Luke Pell and everyone else that made it such a success.many thanks Chris Hewgill for his great Photo

Owner Number
1 Micheal Ryan KO 001
2 Andrew Dodd KO 030
3 Angus Hipwell KO 063
4 Lachlan Cox KO 098
5 Steve Huges KO 177
6 Graham Cockram KO 182
7 Kynan Stark KO 211
8 Paul Fenech KO 278
9 Lindsay Wilson KO 306
10 Guy Grace KO 319
11 Laurie Gooley KO 352
12 Arthur Phillips KO 401
13 Gordon Taylor KO 418
14 Gordon Taylor KO 418
15 Rod Stergeon KO 431
16 Laurie Gooley KO 506
17 Peter Ziser KO 526
18 Andrew Clements KO 527
19 Laurie Gooley KO 546
20 Tom Hacket KO 563
21 Robert Tomlinson KO 606
22 Rod Richardson KO 607
23 Gavin Harveson KO 639
24 Mark Spriggs KO 653
25 Mel Cockram KO 669
26 Alex Brown KO 683
27 Mathew & Summa Tully KO 696
28 Paul Nugget KO 702
29 Matthew Berry KO 714
30 Gary Jones KO 724
31 Richard Jefferay KO 727
32 Andrew Stevens KO 757
33 Hamish Watts KO 778
34 Hugh Mckinley KO 780
35 Fraser Strain KO 782
36 Aby Perry KO 815