2018 Country Buggy Challenge 50th Year Anniversary

2018 Country Buggy Challenge 50th Year Anniversary. We had 36 Country Buggies attend the event. How great is that! Thanks Andrew Dodd, Graham Cockram, Luke Pell and everyone else that made it such a success.many thanks Chris Hewgill for his great Photo hewysurf.com

Owner Number
1 Micheal Ryan KO 001
2 Andrew Dodd KO 030
3 Angus Hipwell KO 063
4 Lachlan Cox KO 098
5 Steve Huges KO 177
6 Graham Cockram KO 182
7 Kynan Stark KO 211
8 Paul Fenech KO 278
9 Lindsay Wilson KO 306
10 Guy Grace KO 319
11 Laurie Gooley KO 352
12 Arthur Phillips KO 401
13 Gordon Taylor KO 418
14 Gordon Taylor KO 418
15 Rod Stergeon KO 431
16 Laurie Gooley KO 506
17 Peter Ziser KO 526
18 Andrew Clements KO 527
19 Laurie Gooley KO 546
20 Tom Hacket KO 563
21 Robert Tomlinson KO 606
22 Rod Richardson KO 607
23 Gavin Harveson KO 639
24 Mark Spriggs KO 653
25 Mel Cockram KO 669
26 Alex Brown KO 683
27 Mathew & Summa Tully KO 696
28 Paul Nugget KO 702
29 Matthew Berry KO 714
30 Gary Jones KO 724
31 Richard Jefferay KO 727
32 Andrew Stevens KO 757
33 Hamish Watts KO 778
34 Hugh Mckinley KO 780
35 Fraser Strain KO 782
36 Aby Perry KO 815

2018 Charity Donations

Through everyones fantastic support the 2018 Volkswagen Spectacular was proud to be able to donate a massive $12,000 to our local charities.

Donations included:-

Nambucca Rotary           – $3,000
Nambucca Lions             – $3,000
Fire and Rescue              – $1,500
Rural Fire Service            – $1,000
VRA                               – $500
Nambucca Cancer Group – $3,000

Total                       – $12,000

Photo from Left to Right
Rear – Rod (Rotary) Donna (Organiser) Ricky (NSW Fire & Rescue) Luke (Organiser) Jo (Lions)
Front – Shaun (VRA) and Barry (Lions)

Photo from Left to Right
Billy Joe assistance in running the event, Donna (VW Spectacular) Irene from the Cancer Group and Chris (RSL)


Irene Roswell, special thanks to Billy Joe Davis from Davis Seafood for assisting in running this amazing event and the Nambucca RSL for sponsoring and assisting with the High Tea galleria Shop and Divine and Soul, for allowing us to use their beautiful clothes for the fashion parade. Last special thanks to our work placement students from Nambucca and Macksville High School. Music was great by The Pentinton Brothers. They donated their time to Cancer How great is That.

Thank You!

Great Big Thanks to everyone who came, supported us in any way! At the new venue, Macksville Showground. We made $12,000 for the local cancer group, Nambucca Lions, Nambucca Rotary, VRA, Fires. what an achievement! Cheque’s will be presented next week to groups! Thanks again.

Spectacular Update 19/7/18

Had a great Meeting last night with all the Fire & Rescue NSW They are all on board with the Street Closure in Bowra St, Nambucca Heads. Fantastic support. They will be in present with the Local VRA team to assist in all ways on Saturday Morning 4th Aug, 2018
Working bee on Saturday at Showground all our volunteer teams are assisting us eg Rotary/lions/Fires/VRA One lot of VW owners arriving this week. We are so lucky to have their support
We are getting quite a few Markets and Swap meet entries, don’t forget to support us in our Night Markets and Saturday (after the Street Closure) and Sunday at the Showground. We have jumping castles thanks to some great business for their support. Don’t forget to bring you push bikes might have a competition!
Yes, it has been a huge job relocating but we are sure you will enjoy your time at Macksville Showground! Just remember it is what you make of the event not where it is. It is all about the VW’s and their owners! Luke and Myself have put many many hours into making this work! By Coming you are locking in the future of the Volkswagen Spectacular
Not long to go!
See you all soon