Newsletter – 19/01/21


Welcome to the

Volkswagen Spectacular !


Welcome to 2021!
We think the year is flying already – we are just about through our first month! 
With so much happening – we wanted to bring to your attention that YES – 
the Volkswagen Spectacular
IS coming together for 25 July – 2 Aug 2021! 
Booking Form
We are just ironing out a few crinkles and will have this available SOON! 
Look out for it in your inbox in the coming weeks! 
Bookings, Itineraries & Accommodation 
We will get our paper registration forms out in January 2021 and will send a copy of everyone’s past bookings to them 
and they can make changes if need be. 
We will have a New and Updated Itinerary available shortly!
2021 T-shirts 
We have a talented designer creating T-Shirt magic as we speak! 
Looking forward to sharing in this 
amazing event with you guys this year! 
 We will see you soon bye for Now 
Donna, Luke & Family