2020 Postponement

Firstly, what a horrible time we are all going through with the unknown of the coronavirus!! We have gone through Drought, Bush Fires, Floods now this!! Stay Inside and Stay Safe!

Volkswagen Spectacular
IS Postponed until
25th July-2nd Aug, 2021

With the event restrictions in-place and the fact our economy has been hit so severely; we’ve had no choice but to make this very hard decision.

I would like to thank all our sponsors of all degrees who have stood by us with our decision to postpone the 2020 event and roll over their support for 2021.

We will be sharing their web sites so you can still contact them for online shopping deals! Please show them your support.

We are going up in the world with Digital Media to better inform you about the Volkswagen Spectacular. WE need your help so we can stay in touch with you (that is if you would like to)

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Once again thanks for your support and we hope you’ll join us in 2021 for an even bigger Volkswagen Spectacular! Until then Stay Safe.


Donna, Luke & family